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Washington Lodge No. 3

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Maryland's Oldest Lodge                                                       Established 1770

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Announcements & Lodge Calendar:

-February 17th Regular Communications - 7:30pm

-February 19th  Day trip to Grand Lodge of PA, Please contact WM Bob Knight or JW Jeffery Anderson for more details

-February 26th - Washington Lodge Blood Drive at Boumi Shrine - 10am - 3pm (See news page for more info)

-March 3rd EA degree practice

-March 10th EA degree practice

-March 17th Regular Communication and FC Proficiency 

-March 24th MM degree practice

-March 31st MM degree practice

-April 9th 3rd degree at Grand Lodge of PA with Highland and Concordia Lodges. Bus will be available with limited seating

-April 30th Railroad Degree Ionic Lodge #31 (See news page for more info)

-April 30th Tall Cedars Seafood Dinner (see news page for more info)

-May 14th Germania
Lodge 150th
(see news page)

-June 11th Tall Cedars Prom Night (see news page for more info)

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Catechism Schedule


Instructor:  Oleg Nepomnyashchiy, Bob Knight Jr & Jeffery Anderson

Tuesdays with Bob and/or Jeff               to be determined and posted

Master Mason                  6:30

Fellowcraft                        7:30


-January Birthdays:

Charles Franklin Huber
Robert Wayne Ryan
John Hagan Smith
Jeremy Paige Sotzen
Thomas Schlay Wooden III

-January Masonic Birthdays:

Marvin Leroy Councilman 1/20/72
William Franklin Parks 1/14/87
Malcolm Edgar Steigerwald 1/15/71

-February Birthdays:

Teddy Randolph Barkley Jr
George Montirth Benson
Gregory Todd Davis
Alexander McLane Hopkins
Joseph Charles Martellotta
Douglas Carroll Myers
Justin Robert Parks

-February Masonic Birthdays:

Alexander McLane Hopkins 2/28/19

           Grand Lodge Dates

-April 24th Grand Lodge Bull & Oyster Roast

-May 21st Grand Lodge Semi Annual

-June 4th Grand Lodge Picnic

-Oct 1st Harvest Home Day

-Nov 9th Gran Lodge Annual

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