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July 22nd. Washington Lodge with Boumi Shrine's annual blood drive. 10am-3pm 

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5/13/23 1st and 2nd degree exemplification

12-10-22 Congratulations to Washington Lodges newest Master Masons, Brother Peter O'Malley and Alex Blenman. We also were joined by Scouter Lodge and raised Brother Kyle Schuster.


5-19-22 Initiated Peter O'Malley 


10/21/21 Washington Lodge Raised Addison Anderson, Matthew Florian and Robert Anderson to the sublime degree of Master Mason. All brother were raised by their fathers this evening.


Congratulations to Brother Malcolm Steigerwald for 50 years a Mason


Brother Steve Pomper was kind enough to construct a new Marshall baton for us. Here is his letter to the lodge and pictures of the baton and his wonderful work.


We regret to inform you that Brother Bob Kimmons laid down his working tools. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Brother Kimmons was Initiated 06/08/2011 Passed to Fellowcraft 01/25/2012 and Raised to Master Mason 05/03/2012

Charter member of Washington Lodge #3 Foundation

President of W3 Foundation from 2016-2020


From: Colby Savadove Dec 14th 2020


   Last night my dad passed away from complications of COVID . A perfectly healthy man in October contracted COVID and died 2 months later. He was an amazing human, father, husband, grandfather, father in law, friend , mentor and this list could go on forever. I will miss him so much but my mother ,sister and I were blessed to be able to sit with him Sunday to watch football, share memories and be in peace together. In his last hours he was worried more about us then himself and told me he wished he would have done more for others in the earlier part of his life. He loved James and Charlie so much and made me promise over and over that they would get a good education while adding that he would like Charlie to be an engineer and of course work for Whiting Turner while he knew James would follow his baseball dreams and shoot for the stars. Thank you for reaching out to Neely and I and sending cards, supporting my mom and most of all for sharing your unbelievable stories about how my dad touched your lives! Colby

Brothers: For the year of 2021 we will be taken donations for Brother Bob Kimmons favorite charity Goodwill. Will will be placing a hat out at all events and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Presentation - Grand Programmer of the Universe

Presented at May 2014 Communicaiton


Washington Lodge member, Michael Hughes, gave an exciting talk at our May communication titled The Grand Programmer of the Universe - New Masonic Allegory for Diety in the Age of Simulation. He explored the concept of Simulation Theory, which propsed that we are all living in a a computer simulation, as dramatized in the movie The Matrix. It was a stimulating presentaiton which spurred many thoughtful questions and discussion. Brother Hughes is also the author of Blackwater Lights, the first in an exciting thriller trilogy of intrigue, ritual and magic.

Brother Bob Kimmons Honored

Baltimore Business Journal

Robert Kimmons, a member of Washington Lodge, is the division vice president and corporate equal employment opportunity officer at Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. Kimmons was honored for being a board member of Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake Inc. Bro. Kimmons helped find the organization’s Central Avenue location in Baltimore, where Goodwill has a recycling center and outlet store. The organization has doubled its number of stores since Kimmons joined the board — with plans to open more during the coming year. Although Kimmons this year plans to retire from his full-time job at Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., he will continue to serve the Goodwill board.

Brother Bob Knight rallies Masons to come to aid of Boston Marathon bombing victim

The Baltimore Sun

Brother Bob Knight, member of Washington Lodge, started an avalance of donations to assist Erika Brannock, a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, return to a normal life.

Erika Brannock is still adjusting to life with new physical challenges after the Boston Marathon bombing, but she now has a fully accessible bathroom, thanks to renovations by the Freemasons of Maryland. "When you have a life-altering change like this, you really need something that makes you feel more normal, and you guys have made me feel more normal. Thank you," Brannock told Grand Master Jerry Piepiora and Bob Knight, the Timonium contractor who coordinated donations.

"I really want to thank everyone at the Grand Lodge here for giving me some of my independence back and going out of your way to do something for me. It has touched my heart."

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