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Washington Lodge No. 3

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Maryland's Oldest Lodge                                                       Established 1770

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Announcements & Lodge Calendar:

April 20th 7pm Regular Communications

July 22nd 10am-3pm Annual blood drive at Boumi Temple

Catechism Schedule


Instructor:  Oleg Nepomnyashchiy, Bob Knight Jr & Jeffery Anderson

Tuesdays with Bob and/or Jeff               to be determined and posted

Master Mason                  6:30

Fellowcraft                        7:30


-January Birthdays:

Charles Franklin Huber
Robert Wayne Ryan
John Hagan Smith
Jeremy Paige Sotzen
Thomas Schlay Wooden III

-February Birthdays:

Teddy Randolph Barkley Jr
George Montirth Benson
Gregory Todd Davis
Alexander McLane Hopkins
Joseph Charles Martellotta
Douglas Carroll Myers
Justin Robert Parks

-March Birthdays:

Marvin Leroy Councilman
Michael Martin Hughes
John Bruce Maclay Jr
John Patrick Mitchell
Ronald Lee Spieker

-May Birthdays:

Joseph Waldin Angel
George Robert Gaston Jr
Robert Campbell Laws
Peter F Nettleton
Bradley Thomas Reitz
Anthony Reginald Slaughter
David George Teel


       Grand Lodge Dates


From the East, 
       Brethren: It has been a pleasure to serve as your Worshipful Master for the past two years. It is amazing what we were able to accomplish under challenging conditions. From raising Brothers to educational trips with our Brethren from Great Lights Lodge in Iowa, the fraternal bonds that tie us together are alive and well! It is great to see newly raised Master Masons step up and take on more active roles. Thank you to all of our Brothers that have served in the line; that dedication is the foundation of our lodge, and our fraternity. I look forward to seeing all of you at future Lodge meetings(from the sidelines!) and wish all of you a Happy and prosperous New Year! 

S&F Phil Lee PM Washington Lodge #3 2020-2021

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